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Data Annotation Solutions

Our Services


Having a professional team of annotators provides high-quality annotations because they have unique capabilities that increase their performance.


Our cross-trained team and custom tasking platform allow your project to scale as your needs evolve. Work with your own tools or with our in-house technology to achieve actionable results.


Our customers' data is highly secured, whether using cloud based platforms or our secured workspace. No data is annotated outside the company grounds.

Work Method

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Expert Consultation:

Exchange of expertise.

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Workflow customization:

Agility. Scale.


Custom training fit for your project needs.



Quality control.

     Feedback cycle:

Improvement. Iteration.

Data Workflow Pipeline:

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Integration:

  • Integrated Data Entry

  • Data Collection & Filtering

  • On Premise & Cloud Storage

  • Customer Based/Proprietary Annotation Platforms

  • QA & Benchmarked Quality Assessment

  • Validation & Quality Assurance

  • Project Statistics & Improvement methods

In some cases we can integrate your project with AWS to have real time accessibility to upload or extract your data directly to our secure servers

AI/ML Tools

To Find out more Contact us Here and we will reply as soon as possible

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